Why isn't my broth frozen?

If you are a longtime Bare Bones fan, you may have noticed our bone broth is no longer frozen. As of late 2017 we now ship all of our broth at room temperature.

Don't worry! Our bone broth is, and always will be, chef-crafted from the highest quality organic ingredients, and provide all the amazing taste and health benefits a REAL bone broth has to offer. 

We will never use any preservatives, additives, or artificial flavorings.

Shipping frozen liquid was quite expensive and had a much bigger impact on our planet than we're okay with, so the switch to shelf-stable packaging allows us to build a more sustainable eco-friendly business, and lower our costs while delivering the same REAL food nourishment for less. It's the better way to do things.

Some related FAQs:

Do I need to refrigerate my broth?

Not when you receive it. Once opened, make sure to refrigerate and use within 7-10 days.

How long is the shelf life?

Our bone broth and instant beverage have an 18 month shelf life at ambient room temperatures. This changed in June 2019, so any packaging created in June or after is fine, but if you have any product made prior to June 2019, you can add 6 months to the best by date on the packaging. It has been extensively tested, and is 100% safe and delicious. 

Can I freeze it?

Sure! Find out more about freezing your broth here.

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