How do I pause my subscription?

Going out of town for an extended amount of time, or just have more broth than you know what to do with? Good news! You can pause your subscription by following these 5 easy steps.

1. Log into your Bare Bones account.

2. Select "Manage Subscriptions" at the bottom left of your screen.

3. Once "Mange Subscriptions" is selected, you will see your current subscriptions.

4. Select “Edit Subscription”

5. Here you can change the next order date and delivery term of your subscription. You can also edit your payment information.

The subscription information will pop up. 

That will include the next order date, the subscription plan you are on, payment information and the option to cancel the subscription at the bottom of the page.

To pause your subscription you will go to the “Next Order Date” area below.

Currently you can see that the next order is for April 15 , 2017.  To change this hit the “calendar” icon and select a date that works best for you.

See below that the next re-order date was updated to July 1, 2017.  There are not any parameters on the date you select.

You even have the ability to change how often you want your subscription to re-process.

For instance if you are getting the broth every 15 days you can change that so now it will only come every 30 days.

You just need to change the “Term” option below.

6. If you want to change the flavor you are receiving, you will need to cancel this subscription and start a new one from the Shop page.

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