What is the difference between instant bone broth and regular bone broth?

Our instant bone broth delivers all the time-honored benefits of traditional bone broth with superior flavor and convenience. For this product, we take a different approach, with a focus on flavor, performance, and convenience. We start by simmering just bones and water to create a neutral flavored broth. We then dehydrate this broth into a powder and blend it with collagen protein, and vegetable powders, herbs and spices. The end result is soluble instant broth powder that delivers 10g of protein and 5g collagen per serving. 

Our liquid bone broth is made by simmering fresh bones, vegetables, herbs and spices in water with apple cider vinegar for 20+ hours. The end result is a rich soup stock that is high in protein and collagen, and that gels up when cold. It's neutral in flavor and perfect for cooking and sipping.

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