How do subscriptions work?

The subscription program is intended to reward your ongoing loyalty to Bare Bones with a 10% discount on every subscription order. If you are not sure whether you are ready to commit to an ongoing subscription, we recommend that rather than subscribe, you first try the products in a cart order. We offer a separate discount code to first-time cart customers.

When you create your subscription order, you will select the item(s) and the quantity of each that you want. The subscription will create an order for immediate fulfillment, and then automatically set the frequency for that order to recur every month. This frequency can later be adjusted, as can every part of your subscription, and can be managed by you from your account after your third order. Until then, you will need to contact for assistance with any revisions.

Your subscription order will automatically create each month, or on the schedule that you choose. You will enjoy the discount on every order, as well as the hassle-free ordering process that does all the remembering and the work for you. 

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