How is your bone broth packaged?

Our pouches are rad! We're as proud of our pouches as we are the ingredients inside. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Freshness – Our pouches preserve freshness, flavor, texture and odor like nothing else. It’s like drinking straight from the stockpot, every time. Our broth is packaged directly from the kettle and sealed immediately. It doesn’t get any fresher!
  • Quick & Easy – No more waiting for your broth to thaw, or spooning it out of a jar. Thanks to our awesome spouted pouches, using bone broth has never been easier! No more thawing and no mess; simply unscrew the cap and heat in microwave, or pour into a pot and heat on the stovetop in just minutes. It’s that easy!
  • Accommodating – Packing 20 grams of protein, each pouch is a full serving of nourishment to kick off your day, as a late afternoon pick-me-up, or as a nightcap before bedtime. And with 5 flavors to choose from, there’s enough variety to keep you and everyone you know well-nourished and happy! 
  • Earth Friendly – The lifecycle of our pouch requires 50% fewer resources and energy to manufacture and transport than our soup and beverage friends using rigid aluminum and glass containers. This results in far less fuel consumption, less emissions, and sends less to the landfill – a big win for our environment!

The Magic

After gently simmering for 20+ hours, our broths are strained and cooled immediately. Next we fill the pouch with broth, seal it, and put it through a process called "retort." This creates an oxygen barrier that provides the maximum shelf life possible while preserving flavor, freshness, texture and aroma - which are released for the first time when the pouch is opened by you. This process is similar to home canning glass jars in boiling water – but instead, we use a flexible pouch and steam. Flexible packaging uses way less raw material and energy than other rigid glass or plastic containers, reducing our footprint and minimizing the impact on our planet.

The Pouch Deconstructed

Our BPA-free pouches are constructed of 4 layers (polyethelene, polyester, nylon, and lined inside with a thin layer of silicon dioxide). Silicon dioxide, like glass, is made from two of Earth's most abundant materials, silicon and oxygen, and is found naturally in our bodies, many plants we eat, and 59% of Earth’s crust – how fresh!

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